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Ayesha Mohsin

Team Leader 

I started my career as an Environmental Enforcement officer at Merton in May 2018. I still remember when I first started there was a misconception that I would not be able to do this job because of my size. I am very thankful I was given a chance to proof myself and show what I was capable to do. I still remember how my heart was pounding when I was about to approach my first offender after training and the team was there to support me.

I had to leave in May 2019 due to a delay in my visa renewal. I still cannot believe the company was willing to reemployed me in July 2019. For me it shows the sincerity of the employer with the employee. I really felt part of something bigger.

After re-joining I was given an opportunity as a Team Leader, this really gave me a confidence boost now as a company they believed in my capability to deliver to the High standards that are highlighted with in the training. I promised myself that I will work so hard and proof in this role as I did my first one. I love my Job and all my colleagues I get to work with.


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