A part of our agreement with councils will see LAS supporting schools to educate the next generation on the problems with littering and how they can help prevent it. Schools will have access to presentations, posters and lesson plans to help deliver the message to children of all ages.


Litter is a gigantic problem all over Britain and we believe that the next generation can make the difference. With their support along the way, we can help change people’s mindset on dropping litter and make the UK a cleaner place to live. We want people to be proud of their area. We’re looking forward to working alongside schools and helping them give a fun, yet educational presentation to children of all ages. Changing the way our children think about litter is crucial and we’re certain that we can make a difference.

With councils, schools and Clean Up Britain on board, we believe that together, we can tackle the ever-growing issue of litter and not only educate the next generation, but also make them proud to be part of cleaning up Britain.