Fly-tipping - What you need to know

Fly tipping; it’s illegal, it’s unsightly, it’s unhygienic and it’s a big problem in the U.K. A community which suffers from fly tipping can gain a reputation as being a dirty, unruly and ‘bad’ area. Not only that, but it can attract rodents, flies and other pests that communities and councils could do without. Over 1 million fly-tipping incidents were reported in England alone in 2018/19. That’s an increase of 8% from 2017/18 so you can only imagine what the figures will be like for 2019/20*. Fly tips come from several places and sources ranging from household rubbish and personal waste to trade waste and even toxic substances. So, what can be done about it?

Many local authorities place signage in and around hot spot areas explaining that fly tipping is illegal under The Environmental Protection Act 1990 and that it could result in a fine of up to £50,000 and/or up to five years in prison but this doesn’t seem to deter some. Generally, members of the public are quick to report fly-tips to the council for all if the reasons mentioned above, and once reported the waste becomes the responsibility of the council.

The government states that once a council becomes aware of a fly tip, they must assess the incident, arrange the removal and disposal of the waste and undertake an investigation. This investigation must be carried out in line with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 and RIPA guidance. Once an investigation is completed and the offender identified you can issue a fixed penalty notice (if it’s in line with your current policy) or a serve and enforce noticed (if the fly tip is committed on private land). But how can you find out who has committed the offense when generally fly tips are done at night or in secluded areas?

This is where L A Support Ltd can help. We offer a comprehensive environmental protection solution that includes littering services, duty of care notices (commercial), traveller liaison and fly tipping prevention to name just a few. We can deploy fully trained, uniformed officers into identified and/or reported fly tips in order to deal with the issue in a professional and efficient manner. With our virtual mapping software, we can secure local demographic data and stats to get straight to the heart of problems and help to change behaviours and public perception.

What’s more is that we take the stress out of fixed penalty notices for you. Our officers undertake a comprehensive training program and operate under the tightest legal guidelines which allows then to issues Fixed Penalty Notices fairly, legally and correctly. We operate several different payment schemes for local authorities, all which guarantee no cost to you. We currently have a 75% payment rate for fixed penalty notices which has raised over £3.3 million for local authorities to put back into their communities.

To find out more about what we can do to help you with fly tipping and any other environmental problems you may have please contact us.


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