Joining forces to Clean Up Britain

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Litter is a huge problem all over the world. Our Oceans and the animals that live in them are drowning in plastic, our wildlife is suffocating in rubbish and if we don't make a change things are only going to get worse. We want people to be proud of the world that they live in and we want people of all ages to do their bit to help the environment and to make it a greener, cleaner and safer place for the future. But what can you do to spread the message and to make a change? At L A Support, we have partnered with Clean Up Britain to work together to Clean Up Britain.

Clean Up Britain are a Community Interest Group (CIC) who aims to help tackle the ever growing issue of litter. Clean Up Britain have been lobbying hard for a national litter campaign for some time and they are member of the National Litter Strategy Advisory Group. They have also been broadening their horizons to inspire and enable many a community and business to properly address the environmental issues which are becoming an ever-growing concern such as single-use plastics and recycling. A large part of L A Supports partnership with Clean Up Britain will see L A Support visiting schools to educate the next generation on the problems with littering and how children can help prevent it. Schools will have access to presentations, posters and lesson plans to help deliver the message to children of all ages.

Commenting on the partnership, Kenny Logan from Clean Up Britain said:

“We’re absolutely delighted to be working closely with the Kingdom Group.  We believe strongly that the law – in order to be credible – must be enforced, and the public must realise that if they litter, there is a realistic possibility they will be fined, as much as £150. Kingdom are already playing a vital role in helping many Local Authorities to enforce the law, and this is one crucial element in the behavioural change armoury”.

Michael Fisher, Head of Service, had this to say:

“We’re over the moon to begin working with Clean Up Britain. Litter is a gigantic problem all over Britain and it’s refreshing to see a company so passionate about making a difference. We believe that with their support along the way, we can help change people’s mindset on dropping litter and make the UK a cleaner place to live. We want people to be proud of their area. We’re looking forward to visiting schools and giving a fun, yet educational presentation to children of all ages. Changing the way our children think about litter is crucial and we’re certain that we can make a difference.”

Clean Up Britain also runs a wide variety of other campaigns all directed to preserving the environment and changing attitudes.

• Litter Kills – ignite the conversation about litter and the damage it does. • Chewing Gum Tax – Why we’re holding producers to account – hold gum producers accountable for the huge costs of cleaning chewing gum off streets across our country. • Plastic – Can you use less in your life? – Always a big part of the litter problem. The UK’s most littered item, cigarette butts, contain thousands of little particles of plastic.

With Clean Up Britain on board, we believe that together, we can tackle the ever-growing issue of litter and not only educate the next generation, but also make them proud to be part of cleaning up Britain.

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