Local Authority Support Proud To Partner With ClearWaste

At Local Authority Support, we have recently partnered with ClearWaste.com. This is to support councils across the UK and work with the public in the battle against fly-tipping. ClearWaste is a free app for reporting fly-tipping and arranging waste removal from trusted and licensed traders. The app is designed to help protect the environment and save local authorities both time and money.

To date, the app has been downloaded more than 30,000 times and is a Top 10 app in the Apple app store.

The company was founded by Martin Montague, who grew extremely frustrated with fly-tipping that was happening in his local area and the high cost of disposing household waste. Although he paid for a removal service that cost £200 to dispose of his own waste, Martin risked being fined as it was subsequently illegally dumped near to his home.

The Clearwaste app and website also provides consumers with a price comparison services for waste removals, skips and grab bags and on approved and Government registered businesses are allowed on the platform.

Last year there were more than one million incidents of fly-tipping in England alone, according to Government figures – and it is a growing problem. It is estimated that investigating and clearing-up fly-tipping costs between £86m and £186 million every year.

The impact it is having on our local environment and communities is something that we just cannot let continue. The size of the problem is continuing to grow, that’s why Local Authority Support and ClearWaste are working hard together to fight against waste crime and illegal waste disposal. We aim to increase awareness and tackle the problem head on.

Fly-tipping pollutes land and waterways and spoils our enjoyment of our countryside, towns and cities and is dangerous to both human and animal health.

"Fly-tipping is bad for the environment, can be fatal to wildlife and costs councils thousands and thousands of pounds to clean-up, money that could be better spent on things like schools or care for the elderly," says Martin Montague.

"We've seen a huge increase in fly-tipping this year. Coronavirus has meant people have stayed at home more doing DIY or having clear outs. At the same time going to tips has become more difficult with reduced capacity and the need to pre-book in many areas.

"Our figures show Incidents of fly-tipping have more than doubled this year. We think that this is often because many people have unwittingly used rogue traders to take stuff away and then it's been fly-tipped."

To find out more about how we can help you keep your local area clean and tidy and combat against fly-tipping, please contact us on 0330 022 9420.

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