Together we can help beat COVID-19

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

These past few weeks have seen us in unprecedented times. Everyone is having to adapt the way that they work and live. The schools are closed, family may feel far away, and our working lives have changed no matter what you do. At L A Support we have been working hard to adapt to the changes that we have all been facing and we are proud to say that by working together with local authorities we are now helping the government in their plan to beat COVID-19.

L A Support is here for you and your authority at this time when you may need us the most. Since the pandemic, we have been able to support local authorities with enforcing social distancing, assist with the delivery of food and supplies to the most vulnerable in the community, supporting waste services and much more. By working together with local authorities, we have been able to find staff to assist with whatever challenges that local councils and the communities have been facing. Not only has this meant that we have been able to help most when it’s needed but it has also meant that we have been able to keep over 56% of our staff in work and therefore financially supported during this time of great uncertainty. With over 100 officers being deployed over 19 sites, we have found a new way to work which not only supports the government with its plan to eradicate COVID-19, it also supports our staff and colleagues on the front line. We are working within government guidelines and have made sure that our officers have the recommended PPE and hand sanitizer to allow them to continue to work safely during this time.

A month ago you may have seen L A Support as your environmental enforcement agency but now we have grown and adapted to become so much more than that so if you feel you need any support with any area during this time of uncertainty then please get in touch and we will do our best to help you. Please contact us for any enquiries.

Stay Safe.

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