London Borough of Enfield

We have contracted with LA Support Limited (formerly Kingdom) since 2009; primarily for litter enforcement and also other street scene enforcement. This contract builds capacity and complements our own in-house waste enforcement team.

The company has always provided a very professional service.

For the last few years, LA Support now provide not only litter enforcement services but enforcement services for flytipping, waste duty of care inspections and enforcement, enforcement of the spitting byelaw and have assisted on other areas of work when needed such as enforcement of blue badge misuse.

The officers provide a presence on the street which helps to assure public safety but they also provide added value. In the course of their patrols they often identify, report and act on other issues they find. For example, on one occasion an officer came across a young boy wandering around early one morning, and the officer’s instinct was that something was something was wrong. He approached the young boy who confessed he had run away from home due to abuse. The officer called the Police and took the young boy to a place of safety.  As a result, the young boy was safeguarded and in due course the abuser was prosecuted by the Police.   

As a result of the litter and waste enforcement contract working alongside the enforcement undertaken by our own in-house waste enforcement team, this has helped to improve the visual amenity and cleanliness of the streets in our borough.

Royal Borough of Greenwich

LA Support have been pivotal to our efforts to reinforce the current coronavirus lockdown and promote responsible social distancing in our public spaces. We are extremely grateful for the support we have received from LA Support Officers and Management alike.


London Borough of Harrow

L A Support have provided an excellent service in normal times, and have really stepped up and gone above and beyond during this pandemic to keep people safe.  These officers face constant abuse daily for the nature of their role, but remain calm and professional and the Officers in Harrow have been a credit to all. 

Blaenau Gwent

We have contracted with LA Support Limited (formerly Kingdom) since 2011; primarily for litter enforcement but also enforcement of the Authority’s Dog Control Orders which have subsequently been replaced with Public Space Protection Orders.  The use of LA Support staff has enabled the Authority to deploy a visible enforcement presence to areas of prolific offending behaviour while we utilise our own in house enforcement for team for more complex investigation work around waste regulation offences.
LA Support have always provided a flexible and professional service, in particular the use of a central administrative service to deal with fixed penalty notice payments and complaints has ensured that demands on Local Authority time to manage and administer this service are minimised.
From the issuing of fixed penalty notices to the generation of legal files, LA Support have provided a complete service that compliments the work the Authority does to try to ensure the cleanliness of its streets are maintained and enables the Authority to provide the proactive enforcement service that its citizens expect.

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